segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2008

Dos states vem a "Ameaça Total"...

"Conaxsat coding team CNX Construct announces full emulation today.

The Conaxsat CNX coding team, Conaxsat Construct, announced a full emulation fix today. With the never ending bombardments of ECMs (Electronic Counter Measures) as of late, Conaxsat Construct came through with the first arrival of an emulation file to work in their units to provide less down time. This is truly a breakthrough in the FTA community. If you haven’t considered CNX yet, be sure to put them on your wish list. Their current models are the CNX Mini (usb non pvr),the CNX Duo (usb and pvr) and the CNX Trio (dual usb pvr and divx multimedia system).
Here is a copy of the release notes provided with the new emulation files:
Conaxsat Construct is pleased to announce the completion of our new Emulation file. This level of emu has never been attempted on a FTA receiver.
This fix incorporates months of work by both our North American and European teams. This type of emulation is required and will take CNX into the next stage of FTA.
This means to the user significantly less downtime and the fastest possible response time. The importance of this file and this type of emulation will be apparent in the very near future.
Another first by our team means we will continue to offer unparalleled support well into the future."

Para quem não percebe Inglês, dizem que estão prestes a lançar a emulação total nos receptores FTA, será??? se for verdade, cai por terra tudo o que é codificação TV...
Vamos esperar para ver!!!

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